Soap Cakes

Soap Cakes is a visually stunning stall located in Beverley’s Saturday Market. This marvellous business sells soap and bath products for every occasion and in most fragrances too. The Soap Cakes range of bath bombs, bath creamers, soap gateaux and cupcakes are perfect for everyday use, or ideal for unique gifts. All Soap Cakes products are hand made using the best ingredients, picked for their delightful smell, soothing qualities and visual appeal.

Why not enjoy an assault on your senses and visit Soap Cakes at this weekend’s Beverley Market, where Debby, Paul or Natasha will be happy to guide you through their products. Just remember, none of Soap Cakes’ products are edible, although you may be fooled for a second or two!

Soap Cakes - Handmade Soap - Beverley Market
Soap Cakes - Handmade Soap - Beverley Market

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