Welcome to The Blending Room at Beverley Market

The Blending Room is a unique retailer of freshly roasted coffee beans and world teas. We have a stall on Beverley market every Saturday and also have a dedicated coffee website The Blending Room. Both James and Katie will be happy to discuss the varieties of coffee we have on offer, as well as talk you through the 30 or so teas from around the globe. Visiting us at the Saturday market is perfect to pick up your fresh coffee, ready for a Sunday morning lie in!

The Blending Room at Beverley Market

Our stall opens for business at 8am and closes at 4pm.

The Blending Room Blog

Along with our online store and market stall, we also now have a coffee and tea blog site, located at www.blendingroomblog.co.uk. The blog site is an area to discuss anything and everything out coffee and tea. From new blends in creation, new product lines or events we will be attending in the future. It also offers our customers a medium in which to ask questions, seek brewing tips and advice along with any other questions you wish to ask. We hope to see you there!

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