The Blending Room

The Blending Room has recently arrived at Beverley Market and offers a vast selection of coffee beans, ground coffee and fine leaf teas from around the world. So, if you fancy waking up on a lazy Sunday morning with a morning paper and cup of fresh coffee, The Blending Room is the place to visit. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or more used to drinking the “instant” varieties both James and Katie will be there to share their knowledge with you and select the best product for your taste buds from the huge array of offerings on their stall. Why not add to the experience with a new teapot or cafetiere from the very popular La Cafetiere range?

The Blending Room - Beverley Saturday Market
The Blending Room - Beverley Saturday Market

This is just a small sample of the products available. For a larger list of what The Blending Room has to offer, please visit their dedicated page – The Blending Room at

You can also visit them online at The Blending Room. Or get involved at their coffee and tea blog site The Blending Room Blog.

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